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Mental health awareness days for your whole church   

Training to become a mental health church champion

Online mental health workshops 

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Gospel centred teaching. Focusing on the unique ways churches can help and encourage.

Practical steps your church can take to look after people experiencing poor mental health.


A community of mental health champions to come together to be supported and continue learning.

All of our training is built on our SEES model which stands for

S is for Spot – What can we notice when someone’s mental health is declining? Who might be at more risk of mental health issues? How can we make sure people who are struggling are getting the support they need?

E is for Engage – How can we start a conversation with someone who we are worried about? What might put them off opening up?

E is for Encourage – What can we encourage them to do to take care of their physical, mental and spiritual health?

S is for Support – What are the practical things we can do as a church to help someone experiencing poor mental health? How can we support them emotionally? Is there anything we need to change in our church to allow them to participate more fully?

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If you need Mental Health First Aid England accredited RSPH level 3 training courses we are licensed to provide it. Please click here to see our website for businesses and youth training. We are happy to adapt the MHFA training to align with your Christian organisations' beliefs. Contact us for more details.