Could you be a Mental Health Church Champion?

the arms and hands of two people opposite each other with coffee and a bible
young man with his hands together next to his mouth looking anxious
a small tree with bare white branches surrounded by big healthy looking green and red trees
Two elderly people walking in the park
Two children standing by a lake holding hands
small plant next to a sign that says difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Throughout these sessions, you will have the opportunity to engage in open discussions, hear personal stories, and learn from mental health professionals who are passionate about destigmatizing mental illnesses. By participating in this training, your church will be better equipped to extend a compassionate hand to those grappling with mental health challenges, fostering a stronger sense of belonging, understanding, and unity within your congregation

We do not currently have any spaces on this course. Please register below to go on our waiting list and we will contact you when we have more dates available